The Grupo Ideal Trends  is a group of 6 companies related to the industry, business management and the best online Technologies.

For 20 years in the market, the group arose when its founder, José Paulo Pereira Silva, after 8 years of experience in industrial management, opened the Mais Gestão, a consulting firm in increased productivity of factories.

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José Paulo Pereira Silva
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Know the companies that constitute the Grupo Ideal Trends

Founded in 1995, the first company of the Grupo Ideal Trends is specialized in Industrial Productivity Consulting.

For 10 years in the market, the Embalagem Ideal is specialized in the production of flexible packaging of all kinds.

Founded in 2010, the Doutores da Web is specialized in MPI, the Positioning Marketing in Internet.

Founded in 2013, the Soluções Industriais is today the greatest portal of industrial quotations in Brazil.

The newest company of the group, founded in 2015, the Busca Clientes is specialized in companies that operate in retail and services segments.

Specialized in digital products and releases, the company Projeção Digital operates in several niches, launching projects and successful products.

Our Management Principles

  1. We are driven by a great and challenging dream: To be the best and most profitable sectors in which we operate.
  2. Excellent people, free to grow at the pace of their talent and compensated accordingly, are our most valuable asset.
  3. We should select individuals who may be better than us. We will be evaluated by the quality of our teams.
  4. Leadership by personal example is the best guide to our culture. We do what we say.
  5. Results are the driving force of the company. The focus on results allows us to focus time and energy on what is essential.
  6. We are all owners of the company. And an owner takes responsibility for the results personally.
  1. We believe that common sense and simplicity are better than complexity and sophistication.
  2. We manage our costs strictly, to release resources that will help to increase the revenue.
  3. We are never completely satisfied with our results. It's this refusal to accommodate to the current situation that ensures the long-term competitive advantage.
  4. We don't take shortcuts. Integrity, hard work and consistency are the cement that paves our company.

"Our management principles were inspired by three Brazilians who made history by creating one of the world's largest companies in the beverage industry, AMBEV. We admire and acknowledge the work of Marcel Telles, Beto Sicupira and Jorge Paulo Lemann."

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Our contribution to the world.

Much more than business, we are engaged in creating a better world. Today, the Grupo Ideal Trends is one of the friends of the AMIS project, Associação Morumbi de Integração Social.
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